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Welcome to this community dedicated to Michael Phelps and swimming. For any suggestions and questions, please write to bunnymegan@gmail.com, or send a direct message to any of our maintainers.


If you would like to be an affiliate, please contact a maintainer directly.

The community has open membership for all ages, but entries do need to be approved before posting. We do not welcome reports that come purely from speculation; some of the articles from TMZ, Perez Hilton, etc. may not be appropriate for this community. Sources need to be reliable.

We like to hear general swimming news, especially if they are indirectly related to Michael. News from FINA, USA Swimming, NBAC, etc. are always welcome.

Please be polite, reasonable and considerate, mind your language during heated discussion, and do not use insulting words. No bashing, finger pointing, bullying or any speculation is allowed. Please respect others’ opinions; agree to disagree. If you have any problems, please contact any maintainers or moderators and we shall look at the situation as soon as possible.

Please credit! State the source for entries and quotes in the comments. In general, there is no harm to credit someone if they found a source before you.

Pictures from personal social websites are not allowed; we would like to respect others’ privacy if possible. The exception would be Michael’s official Facebook page, The Swim Channel, and the official pages from his sponsors etc.

Please do not cross-post others’ original work without getting permission. This includes any kind of writing, artwork, screen caps, etc. they made. Respect their choices if they decline to give permission.

If you have any questions about posting an entry in the technical aspect, please read atiecay’s entry HERE for hands-on help. Please use LJ cut for a long post, many other enquiries can be sorted from reading the FAQ section from Live Journal.

Posting results from a meet can be tricky. For a larger or major meet that receives a lot of media attention (Grand Prix, Nationals, etc.), please place the race results under a cut. We have members from all over the world no one wants the outcome spoiled for them! But for smaller meets (NBAC invitational, MD State Championships, etc.) where there isn't a broadcast and not as well known, a cut isn't necessary.

Posting pre-meet analysis based on facts are more than welcome, although maybe it’s a good idea to post your own opinion in the comment. Please keep the discussion subjective, not objective.
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